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Email Exchange between Donna Ippolito and Eric Lloyd Wright, shortly after Rupert Pole's Death,

May 2007

Dear Lori Flynn, (at that time Eric Lloyd Wright's assistant)

Please let me thank you again for being in contact with the site and letting us know about Rupert Pole’s new representatives, the Wrights. We appreciated receiving the two articles, which Moira has posted on the site.

As time goes by, perhaps you will encounter other information or material
that you would like to pass on or call to our attention. At present, changes to the site are only made seasonally, but we can always add information you feel might be of value to our blog, which can be edited without paying hefty maintenance charges.

As the editor of the official AnaisNin site, I thought it would be good to
follow up by filling you in a bit more. The site is a labor of love, what Moira always calls a "pro bono" site. So much of it has been done through her personal funding and/or the donation of time and creativity of many people. Its whole reason for being is to give voice to those who knew the real Anais. Actually, I’m one of those because I worked as an editor at The Swallow Press, back when it was in Chicago and publishing Nin’s fiction and other books about her.

I also knew Rupert, and I adored both him and Anais. You may be interested to know
that came into existence because we were dismayed by the distorted image of Anais in two recent biographies. Many of us knew her secrets long before they reached print, and it didn't affect our love or respect or admiration one jot. People who knew Anais personally and were inspired by her greatness of spirit are still alive to affirm her impact as a muse as
well as an artist. I have never known anyone more generous toward other creative people. This deserves to be recognized as much as her literary achievements, and that is our one goal and purpose. We are proud that the Nin site has become a lighthouse library of information on Nin's life and work, all of it free of charge! There is still much that we’d like to do, but it would require an operational grant that doesn’t seem to be in the stars for us. Though I’m not available on a day-to-day basis, please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or for any
other reason. Moira and I would always be happy to hear from you. Also, I hope it will be OK with you if we forward any queries that come under the auspices of Nin's estate rather than our website.

Donna Ippolito
Editor ,

Dear Donna,

Thank you for your email to Lori. I’m glad that you are continuing on the website for Anais. It is important work to keep the public aware of her contribution to our cultural way of life. There is an Anais Nin Trust which is managed by three members of the board – Kazuko Sugisaki, Paul Herron and myself, Eric Lloyd Wright. The literary and licensing agent for Anais’ work is Barbara Stuhlmann. Kazuko, who you may know, is a writer, translating Anais’ work into Japanese and has been very close to Anais and Rupert over the last 40 years. I am an architect and Rupert’s brother. I had been a close friend of Anais’ for 30 years. I look forward to working with
you in the future to keep Anais’ legacy alive. Her extraordinary creative
writing and life must be made available to as broad an audience as possible.
With Best Regards

Eric Lloyd Wright

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