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Host: Robert Cromie, March 1, 1972

( A Woman Speaks lists this interview on January 22, 1972.)

Nin talks about the diary and its origins as a letter to her father, stating even that it should really be called a "journal" and not a "diary." She describes the difficulty of publishing the Diaries and the reasons for editing people out of the published version. She explores her connection to the young, calling Gore "arrogant" and talks of how he had changed from when she first met him. She loves the young and "what they might become." The conversation moves into war, politics, and her involvement in the feminist movement. Nin converses about converting her "anger into action" and how she self-published her books on her own press, the first book edition of 300, and her mistake of dividing the word "love." Gonzales is not mentioned but there is talk of Edmund Wilson and her relationship with him. She also discusses the evolution of her friendship with Henry Miller. Nin reports about Maya Deren's direction and how she now has a greater understanding of Deren's going against actor's safety and wishes, "The film was more important than ourselves." Nin states how she doesn't drink and how it might have interfered with her relationships with American authors who bonded over drinking. She reflects, "I'm in harmony with my life now." Cromie is a kind and skilled interviewer who is clearly familiar with Nin's work. This interview was after the publication of Diary 4.

This "summary" of the Anais Nin Audio Files was written by Steven Reigns.
Steven Reigns ( ) is a poet, artist, and educator living in Los Angeles. A collector of Nin memorabilia and a latent Nin scholar, he has been interested in Nin since 1991.


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