Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rupert Pole gave the site a manila folder, filled with photos of Anais, labeled Internet This photo is taken of the two of them on the edge of their pool, beside the willow in their home in Silverlake. You can read about this storied home in a 1984 copy of Architectural Record that has a beautiful spread of photos as well as an article by Barbara Kraft,on the history of Anais's House of Light.

The home also appeared in a 1999 Architectural Record, Houses of the Century issue, Rupert and Anais's home was chosen as one of the houses of the "sixties" although only a small photo and a little drawing of Anais appeared (about a half page)

After Rupert's death this summer, Janet Eastman, Lifestyle editor of the LA Times, did a story on the home that Rupert built for Anais by EricLloyd Wright grandson of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Eric Lloyd Wright helped with the story of his half brother, Rupert. Eric is the grandson of Frank Lloyd Wright. His father, also an architect, was Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. who was known as Lloyd.

This story can be ordered from the Times. The photos that were taken for the article might still be working as a link on our site where we post the direct link to the LA Times archives. Click on the link: Nin Scholarship and the In Memoriam Link for Rupert Pole (Feb 18, 1919 to July 15, 2006)from there, just scroll down to:
Storied past, uncertain future with photo slideshow - LA Times

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